Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna e contemporanea, Roma
Ufficio Dott.ssa Angelandreina Rorro

Dear Ms Sasaki Hiroko

We have received your volume “Contemporary art and Zen” and your cd “Unconscious Nature and conscious Object” showing your monochrome blue canvases.
Both synthetize an interesting research based on a good knowledge of  Western art history.
We thank you for your constant interest in our Istitution, we’ll keep these new materials in our Library and Archive to make them available to students and researchers.
My best wishes

あなたのご著書“Contemporary art and Zen”と、青一色の油絵を紹介するCD “Unconscious Nature and conscious Object”を受け取りました。

Ufficio Dott.ssa Angelandreina Rorro
Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna e contemporanea